Growing Up and Letting Go

My best friend got married yesterday and I wasn’t there. I traveled 2000 miles to be there. I am in her state – hell I am in her city – but I was not at her wedding. This should hurt. I should feel some sort of pull at my heart. Some broken dreams or crushed... Continue Reading →

Can you actually ‘declare’ adulthood?

I once read a scholarly article that claimed adulthood cannot be declared but instead is merely something we all come into. The theory is that adulthood is a natural and inevitable progression and humans do not have the option to claim or declare themselves adults - they simply are. I have to call bullshit on... Continue Reading →

Another Day, Another Dollar

I am slowly turning into my mother. I don't know about you, but I find that the older I get, the more I do in fact see myself becoming more and more like my parents. Perhaps it is just one of those cliché statements and ultimate side effects of becoming an adult. Maybe it really... Continue Reading →

Starting Now, I’m Starting Over

I recently quit my job. Not just any job, but a career with an organization that I had been with for nearly 10 years. I loved what I did. I even loved my boss. I didn't leave for lack of supervisor support or because I hated what I did. My decision to quit was entirely about self-care.... Continue Reading →


Hi there! Welcome to Declaring Adulthood. Allow me to introduce myself; I'm Amanda. I'm a former small-town girl and now a thirty-something woman, trying to find her place in the world of adulthood. This is usually done with a constantly flowing stream of coffee, and the occasional mimosa or glass of wine. I know what... Continue Reading →

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