Hi there! Welcome to Declaring Adulthood. Allow me to introduce myself;

I’m Amanda. I’m a former small-town girl and now a thirty-something woman, trying to find her place in the world of adulthood. This is usually done with a constantly flowing stream of coffee, and the occasional mimosa or glass of wine.

I know what you are thinking – of course, she is an adult. She is in her 30’s. What could she possibly have to say about this that I would have any interest in? Well, that’s pretty simple. I’m going to tell the truth. The hard truth’s that so many of us struggle with. I hope I can say it with some humor, some sarcasm, and my impressive wit.

Here I am in a healthy relationship, a homeowner, traveler, and mom to two asshole cats. Overall, in the right light, from the right angle, I kind of look like I know what I’m doing.


I don’t.


Adulting is hard. The United States Government has declared me an adult for the last 14 years and only now am I beginning to truly feel like one. My 20’s were filled with plenty of adult decisions but ultimately I was just winging it. I was flailing around wildly trying to find some sort of grounding that I had always envisioned adulthood would give me.

I still haven’t found the completely solid ground I’ve been looking for and perhaps it doesn’t even exist – but I’m working on it. Here I will post all about my adventures, my successes (and failures!) at living the most adventurous, fulfilling and affordable life I can.

Happy reading!


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