Another Day, Another Dollar

I am slowly turning into my mother.

I don’t know about you, but I find that the older I get, the more I do in fact see myself becoming more and more like my parents. Perhaps it is just one of those cliché statements and ultimate side effects of becoming an adult. Maybe it really is a product of who raises you. Hell if I know.

What I do know though is that I’ve really kind of become a tight-wad when it comes to my money. I work hard for what I earn, and I don’t typically earn a lot (it’s hard to make good money honestly in the world of education). Naturally, I really don’t like just giving it away, and I want to make it go as far as I possibly can. Bottom line, I’m cheap.

I’ve become a couponer. I haven’t quite reached the level of extreme couponing and definitely have not gotten good enough to warrant a TV special or anything like that – but I’m always looking for ways to up my game.

Anytime I find something that really works for me, I like to pass it along to others. I promise I do not plan on being one of those overly obnoxious bloggers who pushes sales on you, but I’m definitely going to let you know of things that could possibly benefit you (and me!).

One app that I have been using in my journey is Ibotta. It’s a cash back app where you find the items you purchased in the app, select them, and then scan your receipt for redemption. I’ve used it sporadically (it can be hit or miss on the deals) through the year and have gotten over $100 back. I have a friend on my who has earned over $300.

As you can see below I’ve already cashed out $110, have $1.29 earned and another $25.64  pending. (You can cash out at $20, and it is an instant and direct transfer through PayPal.)


I honestly did not expect much from this little app, but it has really surprised me. Does it solve all world problems? hahaha NO. However, it does help save a few pennies here and there. Considering it is an app, and a simple process for redemption and cash-out, I cannot complain.

There are also some team bonuses you can earn together if you join with friends. If you are interested in signing up and don’t mind us both getting a little something out of it, use my referral link here: (I get a referral bonus of $5, and you get a sign-on bonus of $10. Yay!!)

If you aren’t so excited about me getting the referral bonus just check out and skip my referral link. Even if I don’t get kick-back, I still think it’s a pretty handy little app for you to try!

If you have any money-saving tricks, tips, and ideas, please send them my way!

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